Second storyboard
Updated: 3/12/2020
Second storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Now that Mr. Droplet is in the clouds, he goes back down
  • Then, Mr. Droplet finds a breakthrough. He starts goig up. He condenses and goes back up to the clouds.
  • Then, as Mr. Droplet is going back up to the clouds, he realizes that he could just condense again and fall back down. Condensation, in case you forgot is when water vapour in the air changes from a gas to a liquid. Mr. Droplet now is falling into the ocean.
  • Mr. Droplet tries and tries to get out of the ocean, but he can't. So he stays in the ocean for now,
  • Now that Mr. Droplet is in the clouds, he has to think. Then Mr. Droplet condenses,and turns into snow. He falls on a glacier.
  • Then, he melts and flows into the river. The river that he needs to go to! He did it! He got to work, just in time.
  • Then, while working, a dog comes up. Mr. Droplet is starled as he sees the dog. That is his ride home! Now, it is time to go home!