Lauren's Chapter 8 Storyboard
Updated: 1/28/2020
Lauren's Chapter 8 Storyboard
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  • I also avoiding war with Britain and drove them out of the North West Territory.
  • George Washington's Presidency
  • I did many good things as president.
  • Hi, I'm George Washington.
  • I was the first president of the United States of America.
  • One thing I did was make a functioning federal government.
  • I gave the USA many tips which I hope they will use in the future. I told them to stay neutral in wars and avoid political parties.
  • Hamilton's Financial Plan
  • We will only agree to help pay the dept if the capital is in the south.
  • Okay,we will make the capital in the south!
  • I'm so mad about this new tax on ALL imported goods!
  • I know! It's so unfair! It benefits the north, but hurts us in the south!
  • Whisky Rebellion
  • George Washington did many great things as president. He avoided war with Britain and forced them out of the northwest territory. He also improved the economy and made a functioning federal government. He stopped the Whiskey Rebellion too! He told the USA to stay neutral in wars and avoid political parties.
  • Republicans vs. Federalists
  • Federalists
  • Republicans
  • The first picture shows the first step inHamilton's financial plan which was to pay the dept. The south only agreed to pay the dept if the capital was in the south. The second box shows the second step in Hamilton's financial plan which was to make a national bank. He wanted to keep all the money in one place. The bottom box shows the third step in Hamilton's financial plan which was to place a tariff on imported goods. The south was upset. They said that it helped the north but hurt them because they would have to pay more for the goods they bought.
  • XYZ Affair
  • So...What if I give you some money? Then will you agree?
  • Absolutely not!!!!
  • OMG!! Is he trying to bribe us????
  • The Whiskey Rebellion happened when there was a tax on whiskey. Some farmers rebelled because they didn't want to pay. George Washington sent a militia to stop the rebellion. The farmers got scared and ran away.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Well, you can't become a citizen over night. You'll have to stay at least 5 years first.
  • Alstublieft meener! Ik wil gewoon dat mijn dochters een beter leven hebben!
  • The man on the left is a federalist. Federalists favored wealthy and educated people and the federal government. They were pro-British. The man on the right is a republican. Republicans favored common people and the state government. They were pro-French.
  • The arguments between the US and France increased. The US sent over three people to France in disguise. France tried to bribe the US agents. They said no. Federalists wanted war with France. Republicans did not.
  • The top box is showing the Alien Acts. The Alien Acts limited immigration. The women is dutch. She is saying, "Please sir. I only want to come here to give my daughters a better life. The bottom box is showing what happened once the sedition act was imposed. People could no longer say anything bad about the government, even if it was true.
  • Hey! You know you're not supposed to be saying that! You don't have freedom of speech anymore!
  • If you haterepublicans, this is the newspaper for you! This is all you need to know about those evil brats!
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