The qin dynasty and emperors chins accomplishments and attempts
Updated: 1/24/2020
The qin dynasty and emperors chins accomplishments and attempts
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a project of ancient civ about the qin dynasty and chins accomplishments to try to make qin a better place to live like building the wall standardizing the culture creating the empire, to begin with and ending opposition which many people di did not approve on and where shocked by his decision creating the empire was an accomplishment standardizing the culture meh he did ok and protecting the northern border he did really good at he kept people out and no one could get across it accept for the many deaths at that period of time ending opposition he maybe could have done better at and maybe a little bit nicer but he did do a good job he created a strict long list of laws because he believed in legalism and everyone would get a fair punishment no matter if you were rich or not so everything was fair he could be a little bit harsh at times but he did a good job a creating the empire and did a very good job at ruling his empire.

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  • Ending opposition
  • What is wrong
  • Ending opposition
  • I want to burn all the books about Confucianism and people say they would rather die then give up there books
  • Ending opposition
  • the wall brought us some great Opposition but to unify and protect china but i was told that scholars criticism were causing trouble and the government should sensor the scholars
  • empeoror chin is mad because people are saying that they would never give up there books so the emporer gets mad
  • protecting the northern border
  • his people say that they would rather die then give up there books about something that he does not beleive in and they are causing trouble to the dynasty
  • Protecting the northern border
  • the great wall of china brought them more power and kept people out of their land but criticism of scholars causing trouble to the people then the emporer was told he had to burn the books the people were shocked by his decisions
  • Protecting the northern border
  • emeperor chin forced people to build a long tall wall along chinas border to keep other people that were not from the qin out.
  • the wall stopped invasions to northern china the wall was so long and tall no horse could jump it though people lost their lives like peasants that volunteered to get out of farming and other very powerful people
  • the men and some woman who built it had to work in very harsh conditions as they crossed many issues throught out the building of the wall.
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