Updated: 9/23/2020

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  • Ordinary world and call to adventure
  • Refusal and meeting with the mentor
  • You got this!
  • Crossing the threshold and tests allies and enemies.
  • Bob was an outstanding soldier for King Joe. King Joe heard of some tales of dragons in neighboring kingdoms and wanted to make peace with them. King Joe sent Bob to fight the dragons on his behalf.
  • Approach to the innermost cave and the ordeal.
  • When Bob got to the kingdom he was welcomed by King Jeff. Bob was feeling scared and didn't want to go through with it. King jeff was very thankful. Bob was visited by his grandfather who told him that he was actually half-god, that's why he never knew his father.
  • Reward and the road back
  • Bob went on his way to the dragon but he met other monsters along the way. He took them out swiftly with his newfound god-like strength. Along the way, he met 2 other soldiers who would help him along the journey.
  • Resurrection and return with elixer
  • When Bob and the other soldiers reached the dragon's cave they found that it was in a volcano. The other soldiers didn't want to continue but Bob did, by himself. He killed the dragon after almost dying 2 times but he still had all of his limbs.
  • With the dragon dead, bob starts to head home thinking his quest is over. That's when 2 more dragons begin to fly overhead. He has to take them out or die trying.
  • Bob was able to kill both dragons while only losing his arm. He was very lucky to make it out alive but he will be rewarded very heavily by both king Jeff and king Joe.