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Perseus journey
Updated: 11/2/2020
Perseus journey
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  • King Acrisius had a daughter by the name of Danae who was very beautiful, but even that was not enough, the king longed for a son. Acrisius traveled to Delphi to find out if he would ever have a son. The priestess told him no along with the news that his daughter would have a son that would grow to kill him. Scared, the king locked Danae and Perseus in a chest and set them out on the sea.
  • Eventually the two were discovered by a nice fisherman by the name Dictys. Dictys and his wife had no children of they own and therefore cared for Perseus and Danae as if they were theirs. They lived happily and safe for many years before Polydectes, the ruler of the island and Dictys brother came into play. Polydectes found Danae extremely attractive but didn't care whatsoever for her son so he thought of a plan.
  • polydectes plan was to gather a meeting about his new "marriage" where everyone had had been invited were to bring gifts for the newly wedded wife. Though the only problem was, once Persues showed up to the meet without a gift he was confronted. Perseus promised to bring back the best gift of all, the head of Medusa. Polydectes new that this task was basically impossible to complete and didn't believe Perseus would make it back alive.
  • To Pursues' luck there were gods watching over him from Polydectes' "party" who gave him needs and guided him so he could complete his task. He was told by Hermes that he must steal the eye of a gray women until they tell him how to find the Nymphs of the North. He was also given an unbreakable sword, a bronze shield, winged sandals, a magic wallet, and a cap, Perseus set off on his journey.
  • After successfully completing his task Perseus was able to take the head of Medusa back to the island without being killed. He presented the head To ploydectes, he was then turned instantly into stone along with his men
  • Perseus eventually made his way back to Argos so he could meet his Acrisius and see if he had softened up after all these years. Upon their arrival they were told that Across had left the city and hidden elsewhere. Whilst there Perseus had found out about a king holding a "great athletic contest" which he took part of the discuss throwing. During his turn of throwing, the discuss got launched into the crowd of spectators and hit Acrisius, killing him at once.
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