Updated: 9/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Once there was a boy named Tom, his mother and father were killed in an accident and he lives with his grandma in Norway.
  • Tom asked Grandma can you tell me stories about witches and how do they look? The grandma told him a witch story and explained how can you recognize a witch: The witch wears gloves, has pointed nose and wears hat.
  • Next morning, Tom told grandma that I saw a witch in my dream. She said I will take you today night along with me, so grandma thought of a plan that let's get CCTV installed on the window of our house.
  • Today night, I will take this boy along with me.
  • Grandma and Tom saw the witch from CCTV camera and informed police and witch was killed by police.
  • HA!-HA! HA!-HA!
  • Grandma and Tom were happy and enjoying together.