Romeo and Juliet Act 1
Updated: 4/7/2021
Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Storyboard Text

  • Gregory, I swear we can´t let them humiliate us. We won´t take their garbage.
  • Maybe you should focus on pulling yourself out of trouble,sampson.
  • It´s all the same. I´ll be a harsh to master to them. After I fight the men, I´ll be nice to the women- I´ll cut off their heads.
  • This fight is between one master,and we men who work for them.
  • you mean however they dare .I´ll bite my thumb at them. That´s an insult, and if they let me get away with is they´ll be dishonered.(sampson bites his thumbed)
  • * ABRAM and another servant of the Montagues enter*
  • I´ll frown as them as they pass by, and they can react however they want
  • Are you biting your thumb at us?
  • No,sir, i´m not biting my thumb at you, but I am biting my thumb
  • Break it up you fools put your swords away. You don´t know what your doing.
  • Pull out your swords if you´re men. Gregory remember how to slash
  • I´m only trying to keep the peace either put away your swords or use it to help me stop this fight.
  • What? you take out your sword and then talk about peace I hate the word peace like i hate hell , all Montagues and you. Let´s go at it coward