APUSH Cars and Airplanes
Updated: 2/13/2021
APUSH Cars and Airplanes

Storyboard Text

  • The oil industry is starting to boom, so we might be able to develop better automobiles.
  • Yeah, I heard Henry Ford was starting to develop prototypes of his first car due to all of these new supplies of resources and his assembly line.
  • I designed this factory to run off of an assembly line system, so instead of focusing on one car at a time, numerous cars are progressively built at once.
  • Nice, so now we can produce many more models per day and sell them at a cheaper cost!
  • I want to buy a car since they are much more reliable and affordable than past automobiles.
  • Yeah, it would be so nice to have one since they are so practical and convenient.
  • Cars are cool, but I've been dreaming of the day humans become airborne
  • With the arise of steel and gasoline, that might not be so far away.
  • Hello, we are the Wright brothers, and at Kitty Hawk, we were the first people to successfully test a working plane.
  • In the early twentieth century, the transportation industry really started to take off. Instead of having to rely on trains, people were starting to gain access to cars since they were becoming much cheaper and more widely available. This boom in the automobile industry allowed people to travel to other places easier, whether it was for leisure or work. Additionally, the aviation industry started to take off was well. This new arise in planes was first used to entertain crowds at fairs, but they were eventually turned into deadly war machines.