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Cell Storyboard
Updated: 10/15/2020
Cell Storyboard
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  • In each cells there are something called orginels. Today we will talk about 5 different parts of the cell.
  • Hi. I'm Eliana. Lets talk about cells. Cell's are microscopic and are the building blocks, and the smallest unit of all living things. If a living thing has 1 cell, it is unicellular like bacteria, and multicellular has many cells, like us. We have about 37 trillion cells!
  • This is the Nucleus, otherwise known as the Control Center. It is like the brain of the cell and tells each original what to do. It is has a circular shape and it is the part of the cell that holds DNA
  • Next is Mitochondria, also known as the power house. What is does is it takes food and breaks it down into ATP, which is fuel for cell activities.
  • There is also something called the Golgi Complex. This has more than one name. Like Golgi Apparatus, and Golgi Bodies. A nickname for this is called the shippers. It also looks like a stack of pancakes. It packages, modifies and sends materials to other parts of the cell
  • Ribosomes are the part of a cell that makes protein. They are the small dots scattered around the cell. This can be found in all cells. Animals and plants.
  • Last but not least is cytoplasm. It is a jell-O like substance that holds all the organelles together and keeps them in the right spot.
  • Of course there are many more parts of the cell. These are only a few. I hope you enjoyed! Thank you!
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