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Hamlet II
Updated: 3/8/2020
Hamlet II
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  • He did mention something about some players though.
  • Welcome Players!
  • Meanwhile, Hamlet is talking to the players
  • The actors are come hither, my lord.
  • I am slain!!
  • Guildenstern mentions that Hamlet was excited for some players that were coming to town
  • Hamlet here to explain the joke. So basically, I have gained self awareness and decided to kill Polonius because I knew it would happen anyways, and now I am going to ask the players to get the king so they can put on their play even though they aren't supposed to for like 3 scenes. Just my wacky antic disposition!
  • Hamlet welcomes the players
  • Now go get the king so I can end our miserable and false existence
  • Hamlet murders Polonius for no reason, everyone is shocked
  • Hello Hamlet, whats wrong. Madness in great ones must not unwatched go, so tell me what happened
  • I will finally free us of this comical prison
  • Hamlet explains his murder?
  • Yeah, I think something is wrong at this point
  • Hamlet just ended the whole play 4 acts early. Cut due to overly graphic content.
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