Unknown Story
Updated: 2/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • An Extrusive igniouse rock sat in some grass . Along came a strom and water rained down on the rock. when an igneous rock gets wet it is weathered down over time, sediments from the rock is formed.
  • The sediments are formed and become easier to move. While the sediments sat the wind picked up and began pushing the sediments and started moving them.
  • When the gust of wind has fallen the sediments landed in a new place. People began to walk along the beach and compaction and cementation turn the sediments back into a rock but this time into a sedmentary rock.
  • This is magma
  • The ocean tide came over and began to put even more weight on the rock. The rock gets pushed down farther into the earth. Pressure and extream heat turned the once sedmintary rock into a medamorphic rock.
  • Under the ocean floor the now medamorphic rock melts from extream heat and turns into magma. The magma then gets pushed up through a volcano.
  • The magma comes out of the volcano and runs down the side. After time it begins to cool down and harden returning the magma back to an igneous rock.