Updated: 1/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I wanna have the freedom to choose when I wanna go to bed
  • Why can't I stay up late?!?
  • You need to sleep early to prevent having pimples. SO GO TO SLEEP NOW
  • I wanna be able to live without people making fun of what my appearance looks like.
  • Why would I need to change what I wanna wear?
  • Please go and change you're clothes before we leave
  • Even rights. I wanna be albe to share the same treatment my brother gets
  • Why does Logan get to choose what he wants the wear??
  • I wanna be able to be treated at least nicely in public
  • Could you please at least tell me at home then, and I already am sitting straight.
  • Please sit up straight, with the way you're sitting you look fat.
  • Freedom. I wanna have the rights to be able to be who I wanna be in the world.
  • Why can't I just be the way I wanna be.
  • I feel like I'm in "Persepolis 2" playing the character of not having my freedom.
  • I just wanna be myself.
  • Sometimes my life feels as if I'm in Persepolis 2 or even in Lolita in Tehran, but I just know how they felt when they were given this treatment. But even worse then I'm getting. So in conclusion, I know and felt how the women in Iran we treated and I've felt there pain.