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Conflict in Refugee PRESCOTT JUNOD
Updated: 10/14/2020
Conflict in Refugee PRESCOTT JUNOD
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  • Character vs. Self
  • Character vs. Charecter
  • Character vs. Society
  • This is when Mahmoud was deciding if it was a good idea to give away Hana so she could survive. On page 162 Mahmoud said "Take my sister! She won't take up any room!" He said this because the boat that was passing by didn't want anyone to hold them down. But, Mahmoud convinced them to take Hana so she could be safe.
  • Character vs. Nature
  • Josefs dad is trying to jump off the boat, but the cuban police saved him. Josefs dad was resisting, but the cuban police was still stronger. "Josef's heart lurched when he saw his father kick away from the man trying to save him." This proves that Josefs dad doesn't even want to be saved at all.
  • In havana, there was are riot going on, and Isabel's father was in it. "She saw her papi just as he had reared back and threw a bottle that smashed into the line of police along the seawall." This shows that her papi is fighting back against the police. Then, "when she got to her papi, he was curled up in a ball and the policeman was beating him with a nightstick." This shows that the police were being violent, and they did not like the actions of the rioters.
  • This is when Ivan's leg got bitten by a shark. Isabel was in the water, but she was able to get out before getting bit. Ivan, was not that lucky and he got bit on his leg and lost his life. "Ivan was dead" These words made me feel very sad, because not everyone in the story got a happy ending.
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