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a raisin in the sun storyboard
Updated: 8/30/2020
a raisin in the sun storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • In the South Side of Chicago lived the Younger family. The family consisted of Mama, Walter, who is Mama's son, Ruth, who is Walter's wife, and Beneatha, Mama's daughter.
  • Climax
  • They receive $10,000 through life insurance after the death of their father. They are in disagreement of what to spend the money on. Walter wants to invest in a liquor store, in an attempt to make a higher turnover of money. Mama wants to spend it on a new and bigger home, with the support of Ruth. Beneatha wants it to fund her medical school.
  • Falling Action
  • Mama buys the house, which is in an all-white neighborhood. She puts aside some money for Walter and Beneatha to use for their dreams. They are offered money to leave the neighborhood and not stay in it from a man called Karl Lindner.
  • Resolution
  • Bobo, the man in charge of coordinating the purchase of the liquor store, informed Walter that Willy Harris, his business partner to-be, conned him of his money, and ran away from the deal with all his cash. Walter also selfishly took his sisters share of the cash because he wanted to put everything into the store.
  • Walter decides to take up Karl's offer to move out of the neighborhood. This came to the dismay of Mama, who knew that doing this would rid him and the family of their pride and their belittled their rights of staying in a white neighborhood.
  • Walter deals with Karl. In the middle of their talks, he realizes his pride is too much to give up, and rejects Karl's offer. The family decides to move. Just before leaving, Mama takes a glance back at her home, and notices a plant she didn't yet take, and she takes it, representing the renewed hope the family now had.
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