Atom models
Updated: 2/24/2020
Atom models

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Chemistry class

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  • Luis Andres MontesAL732755
  • The chemistry class was so interesting today
  • Yeah, learn about all that elements and what they did to order them and discover them
  • John Dobereiner was so smart by creating the law of Triads were each line was a group of elements similar to each other
  • Yeah,but Chancourtis was better by organizeing the elemnt by its atomic weight
  • Well but then in 1863, John Newlands created the law of octaves
  • And a year later Lothal Meyer published a book were he explain ho to use the atomic weight in elements to compare them, and all that he put them in a book.
  • And then until 1894 Lord Rayleigh with William Ramsey discover some other elements like Neon, Krypton and Xenon
  • And after all this, the legend Demitri Mendeleev Public all the elements know in that time all organized in a proper way.
  • After that Henrey Moseley used x-rays to order the element by passing them trough the x-rays
  • And after all that then in 1944, Gleen Seaorg arrived and created the concept of the heavy element, that are the elements that today we see at thebottom of the periodic table.
  • And that was the periodic table history
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