Ruby Bridges

Updated: 3/25/2021
Ruby  Bridges

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  • This morning, officers came to Ruby's home to take her to her new school
  • Don't be scared honey, you'll do good.
  • I'll be coming with you
  • New school, new friends, I'll be good!
  • Mama, why is their a lot of people outside?
  • Don't mind them baby.
  • my child is not safe here!
  • don't look at them, just keep your head down
  • we don't deserve this!
  • she doesn't belong here
  • oh honey, I only teaching you!
  • wheres everyone else?
  • Ruby stops in the middle and crowd. She starts to pray for them.
  • whispers: Please, God, try to forgive those people.
  • Finally, I'm not alone anymore!
  • Later that year, two white boys joined Ruby at school because their parent were tired.