The Shooting Scene Part I
Updated: 6/9/2020
The Shooting Scene Part I

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  • Hey, Trevor, it's Andrew
  • Hey.
  • Mom's been shot.
  • Where are you now?
  • Why would he ask if I was busy if Mom was shot?
  • He shot her in her leg. And then he shot her in the head. 
  • Trevor gets a call from Andrew on a Sunday morning. Andrew is perfectly calm.
  • Andrew tells Trevor their mom has been shot. Trevor thinks about how the call started strangely and is really upset.
  • You're not fine!
  • I'm fine, go to your brother he needs you.
  • Trevor and Mlungisi are driving to Linksfield Hospital to see Andrew and his mom. Trevor learns where his mom was shot (in the head).
  • There is no bright side.
  • Now you're officially the best-looking person in the family
  • Trevor arrives at the hospital and sees Andrew. Andrew has some blood on his shirt. Andrew breaks down and cries of helplessness and Trevor cries of pain and anger. They cry and hug together.
  • Trevor talks to his mom and is very upset. He is really sad, but his mom tells him to go to his brother because his brother needs him. She says she is fine, even though she is not.
  • After Trevor pays for his mom's surgery and she recovers, they talk. He was worried she was dead but she is not. She says, "Now you're officially the best-looking person in the family."