Punic War Project Part 2
Updated: 2/25/2021
Punic War Project Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • This is a good idea, Hannibal. You are brave. You can do this... maybe.
  • Uhhh... Commander? You might want to get over here.
  • Are you sure they are all blocked?
  • Crap
  • Yes Sir. All.
  • As they reached the Alps, Hannibal was down to 50,000 men. When they reached the mountains they had to give up much of their supplies. These men had to battle harsh weather and incline along with mountain tribes attacking them. 17 days later they finally crossed with only 26,000 men remaining.
  • Battle of Canae
  • Lived from 247 to 181 BC
  • Determination to beat Rome led to major victories
  • Crossing the Alps
  • The Romans had no idea of Hannibal's movements. Once Rome got word of his crossing the Alps, Rome quickly sent Scipio Africanus with their army to meet the Carthaginians near the Ticino River. There, Scipio almost killed Hannibal but failed and Rome was beat.
  • Years later, Rome's influence had come over Carthage and Rome demanded the surrender of Hannibal. So, Hannibal sent his most faithful servant to see if there was an unblocked exit. There was no way out for Hannibal to go. As an act of defiance towards Rome, Hannibal poisened himself.
  • Hannibal Barca lived from 247 to 181 BC. He was and is most famous for the crossing of the Alps. No Roman expected such action which made it genius. Hannibal's determination to overcome Rome did not follow through but it led Hannibal to some major victories such as the Battle of Canae. Although Rome was even more determined, they said, you aren't defeated until you accept defeat.