Jefferson vs Hamilton- Mel
Updated: 11/9/2018
Jefferson vs Hamilton- Mel
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  • I am Alexander Hamilton and I believe in a loose interpretation of the Constitution
  • I am Thomas Jefferson, and I believe that every decision the government makes should be based strictly off of the Constitution
  • The National Bank would simply benefit the nation in such that it will get rid of our debts and all states will be paying to help
  • The National Bank is strictly Unconstitutional and unfair to those who had no debts in the war such as Virginia. Therefore, it should not be enforced
  • We don't have to follow the Constitution all of the time to make our decisions. If a decision is necessary, then it is okay to go based off of a loose interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Blasphemous, you uncultured swine! A strict interpretation of the Constitution at ALL times. There is no necessary and proper clause. We have to do what's best for the nation.
  • I would better benefit this country, obviously. You present yourself as a man of the people and for equal rights, yet, rumor has it, your slave is having your children
  • I have and will continue to deny the slave that every incompetent man claims bears my offspring
  • And, besides, who are you to point out false claims when you are a man who believes in the necessary and proper clause? That is the most unacceptable. 
  • My actions are simply justified with the fact that as a nation we must do what is right for ourselves over what is right for everyone else.
  • I am sure to win President with your illiterate followers and viewpoints 
  • Ask the people about that one, Mr. Hamiltoe.
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