Updated: 5/3/2020

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  • Charles Darwin was the developed the theory of natural selection and evolution
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  • Alfred Wallace was the co-developed the theory of natural selection and evolution
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  • Evolution
  • Caracteristics: German shepherd 1. It can be used for many types of work 2. is used to herding sheeps3. they are strong, intelligent, trainable, and obedient.
  • This is the gray wolf was one of the ancestors of the dog. Caracteristics: 1.Smell and vision are its strong points . 2.He is a smart hunter3. He is organized in herds .4. He is carnivorous
  • Drawing leaves in the past the theory of natural theology to create a scientific theory about Evolution by natural selection.
  • Natural selection
  • Get off my land!!!
  • Wallace Ideas where:1) A self-acting process: the fittest would survive.2)Biogeography: The study of plants animals and geological formations together.
  • Adaptation (An evolutionary change an organismmakes to better suit its enviroment)
  • what are your adaptations woodpecker?
  • By this process, over time and as a cause of behavioral or heritable physical traits different organisms change. This process increases the ability of organisms to compete, survive, and reproduce.
  • Variation
  • I In the first scene it can be seen that each species shows variation. There is an evident competition within each species for food, living space, water, mates, etc. The better adapted members of these species are more likely to survive ¨survival of the Fittest". These survivors will pass on their better genes to their offspring, who will also show variation.
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  • 1)If an organism adapt it would pass through some genetic changes2) If an organism does not adapt it would die
  • • Strong, sharp beak for drilling holes• Stiff tail for support on the tree• Two toes point backward to help withclimbing trees• very long tongue has a barb to skewerinsects
  • Over the years and generations, a process called variation will occur, the different offspring that will have different features from one to the other, things such as size, color, and even shape may vary, and within future generations, the variations acquired they would be inheritable.