Ancient Indian Society Comic Strip

Updated: 1/24/2019
Ancient Indian Society Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • I don't want to be in the lowest varna anymore. I think that i should be where the Brahmins are.
  • We are  Sudras we don't belong in a higher varna we belong oin the lowest varna.
  • I wish that they people in the lower varnas could have more food.
  • I think that we should give the other varnas more food because there have been a lot of deaths lately.
  • I don't think so, they can take care of themselves, we have to stick to the rules.
  • Man we really need to start getting rid of more food because we have so much that most of it is rotting;
  • I have and idea son, we are the Vaishyas and it is our job to sell items, so how about we sell the leftover food to the people with not so much food.