Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Im the second richest person that lives here
  • Aristocrats are the second richest people because of the king they own large plots of land and also they have countyards with there homes and fine furniture and some were goverment officals.
  • artisans made iron tools silk cloth and vessels there were the 3rd class in the social classes
  • hey wanna buy some scarfes or something?
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • I dont know
  • merchants were the people that sell things some turned rich but were not respected in society and they also demand on artisans
  • hey wann buy some thing?
  • farmers farmend in aristocrats land to use and they pay them back by giveing them some of there crops
  • were are the farmers we are more better then merchants because all they do is make money for them self and they dont help the place
  • its ok ill take care of you when your older illl always be nice to you
  • thank you son
  • but for wife and husband its driffent the men will run ther goverment and grow crops but what they think for woman is not important like seeing there eduction