The skateboard
Updated: 11/6/2018
The skateboard
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  • The Skateboard
  • Would you like to go to the park to try it?
  • Wait. It's a skateboard!
  • I want dad to give me a skateboard.
  • Yeah. Thanks Dad
  • Ok guys, go wherever you want, but not so far.
  • Then..
  • I didn't listen to my parents, so i went far away.
  • I'm going with my friends, so go away!
  • It was a beautiful night, it was 2010. It was Christmas. You know, the day when the children open the presents, adults pretending that Santa Claus gave that to them. But my brother and I didn’t imagine what would happen to us that day.
  • When the friends of my parent´s came
  • Where is Erick ?. He always gets lost, when I need him
  • In my family we always have the idea of going with our relatives to the park, to show off to others. But this year all the things didn't go well.
  • Until the next thing happened.
  • Hi dad, hello friends of my father, hello Leo.
  • Erick be careful !!, Leo is ...
  • But, after this...
  • In the Hospital.
  • Say goodbye to your skateboard, and next time do not leave your brother alone.
  • We're going to sell the skateboards, because we do not have money for your brother's check-ups.
  • My parents were looking for me, when I got to them, I noticed that they had called some friends, but one of them was drunk so everything changed in an instant.
  • Hi guys, How is everything?. Help me look for Erick.
  • Ok, Leo stay here, you are very drunk.
  • You are not in a position to look for him.
  • OK.
  • My father quickly took me to the hospital, to see how I could recover and what they could do for my arm, but it was necessary to buy medicine and medical appointments and there was no money for it, so my father did the following...
  • Leo pushed me. And when I looked at my arm, I noticed that this was broken, so I started to cry of pain.
  • After this I traveled to Guayaquil to do more check-ups, but thanks to that day I learned that the decisions made by both my father and my mother are very valuable, so from that day I always listen to them and I know they always support me.
  • Honey, are you sure about this?
  • I'm sorry dad
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