Updated: 11/26/2020

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  • Good morning students.Today i have a really bad news.Yeterday there was a huge meteor hits Japan.Most of the people has died on that incident
  • Gabrielu wern't there right just dont overreact and that is none of ur business.
  • Im so sad Rafael.Pity that people in that country.They might loose their family,friends and all their belongins.Poor citizens.But i,m glad our country Malaysia is helping them
  • Anyways I will tell you about meteoroids.A meteoroid is a floating piece of stone and metal that moves in space.It is made up of stones and metals such as iron and nickel.When a meteoroid enters the earth's atmosphere it will be called meteor.Molecular friction between air and the meteor produces heat until it burns, resulting in a streak of light. Usually meteors will burn out before they reach the earth.However there are meteors that can reach the Earth.These meteors are known as meteorites.So the rock that hit japan is a meteorite
  • Hey Emily im so sad when I heard about that incidient that happened in Japan and i wanted to know more about that meteorite.Can you tell me more aabout it please?
  • Im also very upset when MR solano tell the news.
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