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Updated: 12/2/2020
Descriptive Text

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  • Sure. You can go first and I'll guess.
  • Hey, let's play guess animals.
  • Lion! That was easy. The lion king was great, by the way.
  • Okay. This animal lives in the jungle. It has four legs. It has sharp teeth. People call them the king of the jungle. This animal is also in a movie and a song. Can you guess?
  • We're guessing animals. You can join us if you want to.
  • Yes, please. Give us a hard one.
  • Hey, guys! What are you doing?
  • Whoa, this is hard. What kind of shark that is not dangerous?
  • This animal is the largest living shark species, but it's completely harmless to humans. It is slow and have many rows of tiny teeth. What animal is it?
  • I think so, too. Aren't all sharks dangerous?
  • Wow! That is amazing.
  • There is a type of shark that is actually harmless. They are whale shark.
  • True. How did you know these types of animals? I only know the common ones.
  • Want to take another guess? I think you guys can discovered new animals from me.