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Updated: 10/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Human Origins!
  • Humans came to being around 200,000 years ago, according to fossilized skulls. We used to be the same as chimps until homo sapiens came along.
  • Leakey's look to Africa
  • Louis and Mary Leakey were archaeologist who studied human remains. They studied Olduvai Gorge that has human remains in it. Volcanic ash helped the fossil's rise to the surface.
  • Life in the Field
  • Leakey's lived in mud huts and had very little food and lived with wild animals. The Leakey's also used dental picks to find fossils.
  • Radiometric dating helped Leakey find the age of the bones he found, he believed humans evolved around apes. Leakey got a lot of money for his belief.
  • Life in the Field.
  • Finding Lucy and her Legacy.
  • In 1976 Mary found foot prints in the ash that proved humans walked upright back then.
  • Leakey's found proof that Homo sapiens came from a line of apes in Africa.
  • Finding Lucy and her Legacy.
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