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Updated: 8/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Planets name and creaters name
  • When Neptune was discovered
  • Neptunes neighbors and if Neptunes an outer planet
  • My planets name is Neptune and my name is Scott Lee. Also did you know that Neptune is so far away that it takes 165 years to go around the sun once?
  • How far and how many moons Neptune has
  • Neptune was discovered in Sep 23, 1846 by Johann Gottifried Galle
  • What Neptunes made of and what the climate is
  • Neptune is an outer planet because of its coldness and its closest neighbors are Uranus and Pluto.
  • Fun fact 1 and 2
  • The radius between the earth and Neptune is 15,299 miles. Neptune also has 14 moons at average
  • Neptune is made up of thick fog of water, anmonia, and methane over an earth-sized strong center. Neptune has enourmas storm with extremely high winds. Its temperture is-353 farinite 
  • Did you know that Neptunes diameter is almost 31,000 miles? Also did you know that the largest moon traveling Neptune is called Triton.