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French Rev
Updated: 8/28/2020
French Rev
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  • Tennis Court Oath
  • I wish there was more equality among the estates
  • Why did they kick us out the meeting
  • Women’s March
  • Reign of Terror
  • You guys look suspicious.. Yeah you all are getting executed
  • When all the estates were having a meeting, the third estate was kicked out. They were furious, so they went to nearby indoor tennis and unified as a group to bring equality within the estates. They even swear to "never separate and meet wherever" meaning stick together.
  • Robespierre is executed
  • Yeah he's crazy
  • Yeah he needs to be killed
  • People from the third estate had a difficult time feeding their families because the prices for food were too high, and growing your own food was hard. Women wanted more than enough for 1 meal a day, so thousands of them lead a protest to change the prices of food. The protest traveled all the way to the palace of Versailles.
  • Nationalism
  • It was a time of bloodshed that was lead by the Committee of Public Safety and the leader of the group was Robespierre. The committee went on a killing spree, about 7,000 people were beheaded. They were killing anyone who was suspected of planning a rebellion.
  • Continental System
  • Haha, now France can't trade with other countries
  • That idiot Napoleon
  • Anyone who was responsible for the Regin of Terror was beheaded and Robespierre was one of those people. Everyone saw how he and the other committee members were crazy for the massacre that they caused. In the end, he was faced with the same fate as the people he wrongfully accused and he was beheaded.
  • When Napolean was in power, France was thriving so people were celebrating. Everyone would show their patriotism by dancing, music, and symbols. There was no reason why they shouldn't celebrate since their country flourishing.
  • Napolean tried using economic warfare against Britain by canceling trading with them. It actually turned out to be a big disaster because Britain owned the seas so they stopped trade from happening with France. In doing so France lost a lot of money and the neighboring countries started hating France.
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