Super human Joshua Lawlor
Updated: 11/18/2020
Super human Joshua Lawlor

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  • The Traveller
  • About me and whats went on in my life.
  • About Rowans power
  • The Jackpot
  • Son grab what you can!
  • This is Rowan the wandering time traveller from 1500s. Everytime Rowan clicks his fingers he travels to a new dimension, he had to leave his town because he was hunted by a group of assassins.
  • Surrounded in heavily armed guards
  • Rowan discovered his power when he was a little boy, him and his father used to travel everywhere together dimensions to dimensions until they landed in a bunch of their kings gold.
  • Rowans lost farther
  • Rowan and his dad time travelled to tons of gold and diamonds that didn't belong to them, Rowans dad demanded him to take what he can.
  • 23 Years later
  • After the raid Rowans dad told him to teleport out of the King and the Queens palace and his dad stayed behind to find a way out until he came across guards that blocked the exit, he tried to fight them off but unfortunately died
  • Rowans dad commanded him to teleport away immediately so he could save him. Rowan doesn't know that his father was slayed he thinks that he'll have to hop dimensions to find his father.
  • After 23 years Rowan found his dad lying on the floor dead, he couldn't believe his eyes on what he say, he swore to get revenge for his dad bty killing all the guards, King and Queen
  • Dad!!!
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