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Andrew Jackson project
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson project
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  • Those states banks did not go well...
  • Hannah CastielII believe that Andrew Jackson should not be on the $20 bill because all of the decisions he made were just for him to benefit not the country.Sources: My notes and US history
  • I remember that! He took away the national bank and made a new bank for the states.
  • 1.Have you guys heard of Andrew Jackson?
  • Jacksonian Democracy was when Andrew Jackson gave political power to the common people. This makes Jackson a bad president because he used this to make everyone vote for him and not to help his country.
  • 2.Yeah! He's the president who let common people vote! But if I remember correctly, he only did it to make the public like him!
  • 3.What a bad president!
  • He only let people into government positions if they were supporting him with money.
  • The spoils system was when Andrew Jackson gave government positions to people who backed him politically with money or support. This made him a bad president because it didn't allow people who worked hard for their jobs to have them and just rich people had the jobs.
  • Oh, and remember the spoils system?
  • He didn't give jobs to people who actually worked for it.
  • The war on the national bank was when Andrew Jackson destroyed the national bank, declaring it unconstitutional and making a bank for each state instead. This made him a bad president because the whole economy collapsed and a dollar became worthless.
  • What about thewar on the national bank?
  • Hmmm...I can't remember that one.
  • The Indian removal act was an act authorizing the president to remove the Indians from their land. This made Andrew Jackson a bad president because he forced natives to move out lf their homeland just for gold.
  • Alright class, now who remembers what the Indian removal act is?
  • That's so easy! We were just talking about Andrew Jackson!
  • States rights was the power held by the states rather than the government and the states could reject a federal law if they considered it unconstitutional. This made Jackson a bad president because he used it to make the people like him more and not to benefit the country.
  • class, what is states rights?
  • Easy, Peasy! I'm so glad we talked about Andrew Jackson before class!
  • I need to go to the bathroom so bad, I cant think!
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