Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Why are there no opportunities for you young girl? You deserve education like anyone else!
  • I will find a way to educate you in the best way possible, I will travel to England to research
  • Thank you for helping Alice
  • At Braidwood Institute....
  • At signing institute
  • Yes! This is exactly what I am looking for, can I take your second best student to America to start an institute using this method?
  • I need a better way
  • "What Braidwood is doing is akin to teaching parrots to speak; the children are learning to mimic sounds, but nothing is being processed in the head. They can't think."
  • Of Course!
  • First deaf institute and Clerc will be a great teacher!
  • I will merge all these varying sign languages into ASL and Alice and others will get great education