7 Stages of Man
Updated: 2/4/2021
7 Stages of Man

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  • Baby
  • Big Brother
  • Big Kid
  • As a baby, I was as small as a mouse. My mom always talked about how small and tiny I was
  • Highschooler
  • I was 5 when my brother was born and I was very excited. I held my brother and protected him
  • College
  • When I grew up I loved to hang out with all my friends. I would leave in the morning then come back at the end of the day when I was done
  • Granpa
  • This year I was excited like a dog who sees its owner for the first time that day. I was happy I got into eds and glad I'm in this school
  • In a few years I see myself in college and getting degree in engineering
  • I many years I see myself as a grandparent and having grandkids and me being happy.