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What does Learning Look Like?
Updated: 1/8/2020
What does Learning Look Like?
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  • Jake burns his hand on the stove when he accidentally grazed it with his hand. Jake flinches and hurriedly removes his hand from the flame. Seeing this, his brother now knows to not touch the stove unless he wants to get hurt.
  • His dad Skinner came into the room and praised his cooking. He rewards him with a pat on the back and Jake feels satisfied with his morning activities. He feels like if he incorporates more good behavior, his dad will be even more proud of him.
  • Brody is jealous because his brother got his dad’s affection and decides to throw a tantrum and punches his brother so the dad puts him in timeout and takes away his TV privileges. He knows now that acting like this will only cause him to be taken away his TV privileges, so he will most likely reduce this behavior.
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