Establishing The Jamestown Colony.
Updated: 11/26/2020
Establishing The Jamestown Colony.

Storyboard Text

  • Once we make it to our colony. We will have to work. We will also need to do what King James told us to do, Captain John Smith thought while he was still locked up.
  • "We have to land, and show King James that we follow his charters," an Englishman said.
  • Wow what a nice boat to stay on! I'm exited to see what Jamestown looks like!
  • In, 1607 Jamestown was founded.
  • "Come on guys let's go. To this place. Land here this is a great place to establish our colony."
  • In, 1619 african men and women came to Jamestown.
  • "Let's go together!"
  • Oh what a great day today. I'm exited to get a husband today. Thought the bride.
  • In, 1620 women came to Jamestown. To make Jamestown permanent.