radioactive superhero's and villains
Updated: 4/2/2021
radioactive superhero's and villains

Storyboard Text

  • Ahh I- I'm Jessica Jones and I think I just got up from a coma as some say. People say I was in contact with radiation and nuclear waste which made me have supehuman powers but...
  • Do you think Ms. Jessica Jones that you can come in my town and run it I don't think so. So you better leave because I'm the only one in this town with special abilities.
  • I don't think of anything, I just found out I have superhuman powers. Leave me alone before I win in the brawl
  • Who are you and what are your superpowers since you have them? I got my powers from a nuclear power plant that left radioactive waste behind.
  • Ohh, glad you asked Ms. Jones I am the king of manipulation and mind control.
  • This is Jessica Jones and she got her superpowers from experimental chemicals through radiation which left behind nuclear waste. She went into a coma but then woke back with superhuman abilities. She has super strength, flight, and she can block out mind control.
  • Once she got up out of her coma and found out she had superhuman abilities she got into a fight with her enemy also known as a villain known as The Purple Man which also has superhuman abilities.
  • The Purple Man villain also got his superpowers from radiation. Which made him a superhuman. He was also in a radioactive experiment which left behind nuclear waste which caused him to be this way. His superpowers are mind control, regeneration, and manipulation.