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Rauf Badarpura and PEGS Colonial Regions Storyboard
Updated: 9/26/2020
Rauf Badarpura and PEGS Colonial Regions Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • New England Colonies
  • Freemen Society of friends Freemen
  • Middle Colonies
  • Southern Colonies
  • For economic, they had to fishing, whaling, fur trade timber, trade & shipbuilding, and for geography they had long, cold, harsh winters makes farming difficult short, warm, mild summers. Rocky soil made it hard for farming and plenty of water for fishing whaling shipping, for political Connecticut: Fundamental Orders of the Connecticut first written constitution first Self-governed, for Social Puritans strict and educated and were religious. (Thomas hooker make Connecticut)
  • For  economic, they Staple Crops Crops you eat Grains like wheat rye, oats, and barley slavery is allowed and for geography, they had Cold winters warm summers Fertile soil moderate, for political Pennsylvania Charter of privileges written by William Penn, 1701 also elected by “Freeman”, and for social“Society of Friends” diversified and tolerant with other religions.
  • For economics, they had Tobacco, rice, indigo, sugar, and later cotton. and for Geography they had Long hot summers, long growing season, Short mild winters. *fertile rich soil*, for Political Virginia house of burgesses: 1st representative government in colonies, for Social Catholics to escape religious persecution
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