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Updated: 11/24/2019
Unknown Story

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  • Go to the back of the bus, before I call the cops.
  • Sir, I am tired.
  • Rosa Parks is wrapping up her day at work. She is a seamstress and is very tired, wanting to get home.
  • This has to change !
  • After her long day at work, she takes the bus home and sits in the front of the bus because the back is full. Even though, she is not allowed to sit in the front because of the color of her skin. So a white man who is getting on the bus tells her to move so he can sit.
  • Don't ride the buses.
  • Equal Rights
  • Bus Equality for ALL!!
  • Since she refused to give her seat up, the police were called. She has escorted out the bus and arrested.
  • Rosa is furious with the law which was unjust. She sat in her cell and started to think of a plan to make a change.
  • People of color started to walk to places they needed to go instead of taking the bus. The Montgomery Bus Transportation Boycott started.
  • Weeks into the boycott and the release of Rosa, the laws were changed from all the money the bus company was losing. So people of all colors were soon allowed to sit wherever they wanted. People started to ride the bus including Rosa.