Horror story
Updated: 11/4/2020
Horror story

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  • Exposition
  • Rising action
  • Rising action
  • Once upon a time, there was a sad little girl who had no friends. She was bullied by the other little girls because she wasn't normal. She was an outcast. The black sheep of her kindergarten class. ( Wicked Character)
  • Climax
  • She just accepted the bullying and even whenever she tried to get help, the counselors would do nothing. The teachers would talk bad about her behind her back. The kids wouldn't let Poor little Edith join in playing games at recess and would put any cleaning to do onto her. They would pull her hair and tell her that she meant nothing to this world. They would make her cry and take any food she would have to herself.
  • Falling action
  • She then realized that she didn't have to take it anymore so she invited all of her classmates to her house for her party knowing that they would be intrigued to see how she lived. She lived in a dark dark black wooded manor where you can see the fog roll across it. Eerie music could be heard faintly around the house. There were no cars out front so you would never guess that anyone actually lived there. (Feeling of fear)
  • Resolution
  • After the kids showed up, she showed them around the big manor. She brought out a cake and then she wanted to play a game. She wanted to play hide and seek but with a twist. She locks all the doors to the outside. She tells everyone to hide and hide well because if she were to find you, it will not be a fun ending. (Feeling of fear, and intense)
  • Okay go hide now. Ill count to 10
  • She was the seeker and then you could hear a horrific scream out that rattled the entire house. Another scream was heard across the house, as Edith traveled across the entire manor in seconds, demon-like. And all you could see was the sad little girl just killing everyone. Stabbing people left and right seeing blood all over the wall and just little kids laying on the floor, pleading to have their mommy or daddy to be here to save them. (Shocking plot twist)
  • Then The cops were called by the neighbors and showed up at the manor. And the little girl just screams and says that her teddy bear told her that it was just a dream and it's not real life. The teddy bear told her that she could do anything she wanted forever, all she would have to do is ask. The teddy bear was also used as a suspect and was later committed guilty as an accomplice but disappears and the story happened again 25 years later. (macabe)