Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1(Welcome splash)
  • Scene 2 (Main Menu)
  • Scene 2.1(View selection)
  • AR
  • VR
  • Loading splash of the application, with company logo shown at the bottom
  • Scene 3(AR Mode)
  • QR Marker / Code
  • The main menu scene the user can choose from. Start, information or exit buttons.
  • Scene 3.1(AR Environment)
  • User is prompted to choose between VR or AR mode or go back to main menu
  • Scene 3.2(AR)
  • User will be prompted to scan/enter QR code to continue or click back to go back
  • When camera detects the marker, the laboratory will be displayed. Lab compartments will be by means of animation, rotation and scale
  • The unit revolves. The doors of lab openThe sink, writing board fully openThe apparatus that come with the lab will be illustrated the user can also click back button to go back