Alex uribe forms of government
Updated: 1/21/2020
Alex uribe forms of government
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  • AOOOOGA! i have power over all my peoples because of my birthright as king baby!
  • Monarchy
  • Oligarchy
  • we are now ruled by these few after they took over our planet. a coup if you will haha.
  • Direct democracy
  • i see your point but i disagree, i think it is very cool.
  • I say we get rid of the state mandated giant hell fire!!
  • thankfully we live in a direct democracy so we can all decide on it
  • a king or queen rules the country. usually comes from a royal family.
  • Republic
  • i was voted in to power to represent people who put the milk before the cereal
  • Ruled by A few oficials. often formed after a coup
  • Theocracy
  • Every citizen votes on societal issues and contributes
  • Dictatorship
  • yessuh!
  • my word is law, rigid as this text box
  • Citizens vote on a representative who will make decisions for them
  • and i represent people who dont do that, so essentially the sane population
  • thanks for representing the little guy
  • thank you for accepting my father (GOD) as your leader.
  • God is used as word of law. Leaders must be deeply religous, pope types
  • He aprecciates your devotion and is running to your metaphorical embrace
  • Ruled by One, forcefully, without question
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