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The Pearl Event Board
Updated: 9/26/2020
The Pearl Event Board
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  • "Has he any money?"-Doctor
  • In the beginning of the story we are introduced to the main characters, Juana, her husband Kino, and baby Coyotito. Their home is described as a "brush house" so this can lead us to believe this story takes place a while back.
  • On page 5 of the story, Coyotito is hanging in his box when Kino and Juana notice a scorpion hanging right above Coyotito. The song of evil plays and the scorpion strikes Coyotito in the shoulder.
  • Kino found the great pearl!
  • Share your wealth!
  • Kino and Juana take Coyotito to the Doctor despite the past he has with Kino's people. However the Doctor refuses to help because they have no money and this infuriates Kino because Coyotito is his first born child.
  • Get rid of it Kino!
  • Kino took Juana and Coyotito out on his canoe, then Kino dives and looks for a pearl in order to gain money. Kino finds a great oyster and when he opens it, there was the great pearl. But during this time, Coyotito's sting was getting worse.
  • Everyone had heard of the great pearl since the news spread quick. When the Doctor heard of this pearl he went to help Coyotito, Kino didn't trust the Doctor but he also didn't want to risk Coyotito's life. After all the treatments given to Coyotito, Kino started to imagine his future and his wealth for his family.
  • Kino becomes so obsessed with the pearl and thinks people will try to steal it from him. One night Kino imagines someone breaking into their home to steal the pearl so he pulls out his knife and starts swinging at nothing. Juana now knows the pearl isn't bringing them any good so she wants Kino to get rid of it as soon as possible
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