Phaethon Storyboard
Updated: 10/5/2018
Phaethon Storyboard
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  • Exposition and conflict
  • he'll know it's me for sure
  • Rising action
  • well, my dad lets me drive the chariot all by myself!
  • Then prove it!
  • Rising action
  • Phaethon chooses to drive the chariot too close to the earth. he does this to prove it's him driving the chariot and so Empapus knows he completed the bet.
  • climax
  • they'll know its me
  • Empapus pressures and causes him to lie about his father his lord of the sun even though he's never seen him. Empapus also keeps bragging of zeus and all the things he lets him do.
  • falling action
  • what happened?
  • Halt at once!
  • He made a bet with Empapus  that he's allowed to drive the chariot and he will have to prove it since he made a bet. Phaethon starts his journey to the lord of the sun and his father Apollo.
  • Resolution
  • Apollo lets Phaethon ride the chariot alone and Phaethon aims the horses head too close to the ground. The choice he made caused a village to burn.
  • Phaethon what did you do!
  • Apollo takes charge and starts yelling at the horses waving their heads up and down. The horses start galloping and Apollo is losing control of the chariot and the horses.
  • Phaethon ends up getting killed by a thunderbolt that killed him instantly knocking him off the sun chariot. Since that ride no one besides the sun lord there are still traces of that ride.
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