Lamont Silent Movie Story Board- 3rd Hour
Updated: 5/9/2020
Lamont Silent Movie Story Board- 3rd Hour

Storyboard Text

  • Lamont Goes Home After School
  • Lamont Goes To His Room To Watch A Movie
  • Lamont Is Shocked To See An Unknown Assaiilant Has Entered His Home
  • Lamont gets home after school and is very excited it is a Friday and his parents are gone for the weekend. He can do anything he wants for the weekend.
  • Lamont is Panicking and Tries to do something
  • Lamont is sitting in his room watching one of his favorite shows, DNA & Donuts, until he hears a notice like someone is entering his home
  • Lamont is shocked to hear this news
  • Lamont is shocked to see that someone has broken into his home! He does not know what to do so he runs to the kitchen to find something that will help him defend himself!
  • Lamont wakes up in his bed...
  • Lamont does not know what to do before the assailant comes in so he grabs a spatula which he thinks will fend to the criminal until the assailant who is revealed to be his Dad.... long lost twinn
  • Dads long lost twin tell Lamont that he is his real father and that his Dad is the real evil twin... Lamont cannot take in all this information until another Assailant comes in, which Is Dad other twin brother. Lamont then passes out...
  • Lamont wakes up in his bed and then he realizes it was all a dream. He then takes a sigh of relief until he flips over to the other side of the bed where he sees.... the Assailannt!
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