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European impact on Latin America
Updated: 3/26/2019
European impact on Latin America
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  • I am Montezuma II, emperor of the Aztec empire and do not want you on my land.
  • I am Hernando Cortes and am here to take over your land and make you conform to our ways.
  • Meanwhile while the Incan empire was in the middle of a civil war...
  • I am Atahualpa, emperor of the Inca empire that is at the moment in ruins due to the civil war happening right now.
  • I seem to have come at the perfect time in order to conquer this empire and capture their emperor. I will ransom him and then execute him.
  • Now thanks to the Spaniards we have new crops and animals to help our economy and make our lives easier.
  • But now thanks to the new animals and other new things in the country. We now have dieseases that are easily killing much of the population.
  • I will now raze and rebuild the capital as Mexico. I will help this capital to become more modernized so Spain can be proud of this discovery I have found.
  • This capital city of the Inca empire is too high and remote, I will relocate it near the coast in a city named Lima. The Indians will now pay tribute and give labor.
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