Nat Lacayo
Updated: 3/31/2020
Nat Lacayo
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  • It all started in the small town of Jinotepe. My parents were friends from a really early age. Their families were friends, so they were too. 1973, the year when it all started. The year when childhood and love met, where falling in love, just kind of happened.
  • They started dating, somehow they wondered why it didn't happen sooner. They were really happy. They shared so many precious moments together, they just kept falling in love everyday. They had a special kind of romance. The kind that makes everything just a little bit better. And, when it goes away for any reason, everything just feels off.
  • My mom would later feel emotional. because, she didn't really want to be the center of attention. But, somehow, she felt she was far away from being the center of his attention. She didn't like to feel like there might be someone better, someone else. She broke up with him. My parents would describe their love as many things. One of them would be rare, another could be, well serenity. Because when they were together, that was the thing that would mark a bad day, or a sad afternoon. That they could feel the serenity as something almost tangible, and it would remind them that everything would be okay.
  • My mom then moved to the United States. She got married at 19. She had 2 kids, Andrea, the oldest. Alexandra, the youngest. My dad, had 3 kids. Victor, Erick and Jordan.
  • 30 years later, my mom came back to Jinotepe. They were gathering for a family reunion. My never imagined she was going to see my dad again. They saw each other, and were immediately filled with joy. They forgot about formalities,. my mom just ran straight into his arms for a hug. They knew this was their last chance, to be together, and they weren’t going to let it slide by.
  • They got back together again. A couple years went by and they were expecting a baby, me. They were so happy, and so were my siblings. Their lives and feelings for each other just keeps growing with time. And that’s my parent’s love story.
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