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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I have some amontillado in my vault
  • But the mold in the vault is so bad, you might get worse breathing it
  • hahaha, this was a very funny joke montressor.
  • Lets go, you don't need Luchesi
  • With him being this drunk he wont suspect a thing.
  • Our family's crest is a snake stepping on a foot but the snake is biting the foot
  • Here have some wine, finish that cup and i shall ope another one
  • There is no way you are a mason, I really don't believe you
  • Montressor?!?!
  • And start to close of the entrance to this room
  • Now that he's chained up to the wall i can just get my things...
  • What am i doing...
  • No we have to do this, hurry up and finish the job
  • Now please let me out i won't tell anyone about this...
  • Time to go home now no one will find him.