Revolutions Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 2/9/2021
Revolutions Storyboard Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • 1st Agricultural (Neolithic) Revolution
  • We aren't that developed yet, so we only have animals
  • We are somewhat advanced, we have steam engines, coke fueled furnaces, and spinning jennys.
  • 2nd Agricultural (British) Revolution
  • We are very developed, we have control over weeds and diseases, and major advances in animal breeding
  • Green Revolution
  • The New Stone Age between 8000 and 5000 B.C.E.; period in which adaptation of sedentary agriculture occurred; domestication of plants and animals accomplished
  • Three of the most influential of these inventions were the coke fueled furnace, steam engine, and spinning jenny; all of which increased production capabilities large amounts in many parts of Europe.
  • Advances in fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics and growth hormones all led to better weed, insect and disease control. There were major advances in plant and animal breeding, crop hybridization, artificial insemination of livestock, and genetically modified organisms