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Updated: 10/1/2020
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  • What Saved Jamestown?
  • John Rolfe sent a shipment of tobacco to England. Many people heard from that that tobacco was a way to get rich and came to Virginia. Tobacco became Virginia's number one cash crop and number one export, making the colony very rich.
  • Despite the fact that raids on his tribe caused the Indians and settlers to go to war, the settlers would have never survived without Chief Powhatan. He helped them during the first few months of their colonization there, and without him everything that happened after those few months would have been useless.
  • After being captured by English pirates, African American slaves worked on the tobacco plantations. They did excruciating labor for planting, cultivating, and harvesting to tobacco industry in Virginia. Without them, the tobacco industry in Jamestown wouldn't have thrived.
  • John Rolfe was the first one who brought tobacco to England where people liked it. His tobacco was a success, and created a stable economy for Virginia. Without John Rolfe, tobacco would never have helped support Virginia's economy.
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