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The Rescue
Updated: 1/3/2019
The Rescue
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  • Denise and Kyle were going home while also trying to outrun the hurricane. A animal appeared making Denise crash and unconscious. Taylor McAden a firefighter and compulsive risk taker help Denise. Kyle was no where near sight making Denise horrified and sad. Taylor went looking for him with others helpers while Denise went to the hospital. Taylor found Kyle in a cave soaking wet and brought him to Denise.
  • Denise met Taylor mom Judy who was a friend of Denise mother. She was very supportive to Denise. Denise finally went home with Kyle living how they use to. Kyle has a problem that he can't speak right for his age. Denise help him everyday and goes to work at a diner. The Manager was also supported because he knows its hard to be mom with a child that doesn't have a father. Denise is kind of curious of Taylor.
  • After some time Denise and Taylor began seeing each other some more. They became boyfriend and girlfriend and Taylor ask if Denise and Kyle can go over to his friend home. There names were Mitch and Melissa also were good friends. They had a feast while Denise heard that Taylor used to date but it was over in a few days. While Taylor was playing with Mitch kids and heard them say dad to Taylor then after that Taylor acted strange.
  • Taylor became more and more distance. Denise knew that he was avoiding her. So Denise told what happen to his past and why he been avoiding her. Taylor keep refusing to tell her.Some days later, Taylor came back and that's when Denise broke up with him because he broke her heart and mostly Kyle heart. Taylor left and Matt telling him to go back there and fix what he have done wrong. They had a fight and later Taylor got a call about a fire.
  • After Taylor cool himself down then going to the site that was on fire. He wear some protection and headed in the building. He saved multiple lives but then Taylor had breath to much smoke and his lungs couldn't hold anymore. Mitch came in and saved Taylor from the fire but couldn't make it out. Now Taylor feel responsible for his death and he could of done something to prevent it. He came back to Denise to have a second chance. Like what Mitch told him to do.
  • Taylor finally told Denise about his past. There was a fire and his fear of it and heights made his father died just to rescue him. Denise feeling sorry that she didn't knew about it. Eventually they got back together and time past. Taylor thinking about his family more than his job. Kyle finally learn how speak more fluently And Denise carrying the baby to Taylor.
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