Monsters due on maple street
Updated: 2/8/2021
Monsters due on maple street

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • conflict
  • Your car is the only one working and it started by itself
  • I have no idea how the car started by itself
  • Rising action
  • You are a alien
  • no you are
  • On quiet, suburban Maple Street, somewhere in America, the inhabitants notice a meteor-like object fly overhead. After it passes, all electronics and electricity go dead.
  • climax
  • One resident, Pete Van Horn, leaves to check the next block over. Meanwhile, Mr. Goodman's car mysteriously starts. Everyone accuses him of being an alien.
  • falling action
  • A young boy named Tommy tells a story he read about aliens arriving from outer space. Believing his story, the people start to suspect each other of being secret aliens.
  • Resolution
  • The mob sees a figure coming towards them. Charlie grabs a gun and accidentally shoots Van Horn, who has returned..
  • Charli you shot van horn
  • Everyone is hysterical. Charlie screams that the real alien is Tommy, the young boy who knew the events before they happened.
  • The alien is tommy
  • leave my kid alone
  • no it's no
  • In the end, aliens watch the town as it destroys itself. A simple trick by the aliens turned the residents against each other